Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sea Magic: A New Outfit Design by La Beaute D'un Reve

Hello cute pies! I wanted to share with you all today a photo shoot that I had the chance to be a part of =^_^= 
La Beaute D'un Reve had a wonderful collaboration with talented artists: Cassia SparkleKiller Tentacle Octopus and Camilla d'Errico!

This design is inspired by mermaids and magical princesses like Creamy Mami, I embodied the spirit of both elements by interpreting these two subjects through the use of soft colors, ruffles, symbols of seashells for mermaids and the iconic skirt feature worn by Creamy Mami herself.

Mermaids from Disney's Fantasia
Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girl in Japanese) Creamy Mami

The outfit comprises of a crop top and matching bottoms. It is a sheer baby blue stretch top with crushed velvet baby pink sea shells that cover the lady parts, and booty shorts that has a sheer layer of matching baby blue skirt cape that goes around the hips. 

   This little number can be worn in multiple ways! 
1. Layer this crop top with pastel bra underneath, and pair it with a pair of cute platforms. 
2. Hold the sea shells in place by using double sided tape to prevent slippage when going "au natural". 
3. Wear this outfit for sun bathing at outdoor pool parties 
4. Have it as lingerie or sleepwear. 

It will be in our shop available for purchase soon, keep an eye out on this cute piece!  

Another piece that I have designed which is also inspired by mermaids is this spaghetti ruffle strap dress! This dress can also be worn the same ways as suggested above, as for the bottom half- booty shorts or even leggings can be worn. It can also be worn as a slip dress for swim wear, for a little extra coverage when walking around the boardwalk or poolside :3 

Photo: AltoVenue
Model: Cassia Sparkle
Dress: La Beaute D'un Reve

In the next blog entry, I will share with you the work in progress and behind the scenes in the making of both these projects! Until next time, bye for now <3

Miss Veruca

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Official Shop Launch & "Project Kawaii" Short Film & Editorial!

Hello everyone, today something very exciting is happening- our official online shop is opening today!!! We are open for business with very unique and cute designs that isn't available anywhere else. Come check it out www.labeautedunreve.com =^_^=


This summer has been a very special past few months, we had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with very talented and passionate people; and because of that we were able to bring to you this short film which I am very proud of. Thank you so much to the entire cast and crew for coming together and making this happen, none of this would be here without you guys. We hope you fall in love with it as much as we have, during our hard work and relentless hours producing this labor of love. 

 In case you missed it, to celebrate our official shop launch and our latest collection "Project Kawaii" we are having a give away contest! 
To know more about the contest details, please refer to our previous post here. There will be TWO winners. Contest runs until September 30th 2014, so everyone will have a chance!  

Below are a few shots from our behind the scenes clips during the making of "Project Kawaii" 

our official fashion editorial for this photo shoot, is now published in the Cosplay & Fandoms theme by Art Katalyst Magazine. You can get an online digital copy or printed version by them here.

Breaking the rules, and redefining girl power.

Lovina Yavari - Blythe
Haotong Wang - Roxanne
Leah Licious - Chloe
Jessie Yang - Molly

Chris Chan [AltoVenue]
Anthony Phan [Jin Tonight]

We want to give a shout out and thank you to you, that's right. You who have been following us and supporting us throughout the past few years during our growth as a brand. Thanks to you, we now can become a brand that is more than just fashion. It's now a brand that kicks butt. <3 ^_-
Stay with us as for the next few weeks we have something very exciting in store, this includes behind the scenes footage on the making of "Project Kawaii", some freebies of desktop wallpapers, a few very fun and magical photo shoots, and new clothing designs too!
Talk to you all soon,
Love and happiness
Miss Veruca

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Project Kawaii Giveaway Contest! (UPDATE: Running until September 30th 2014)

This mid August La Beaute D'un Reve is launching our new online retail store, and would love to celebrate by releasing our newest collection called "Project Kawaii" and having a Give Away Contest!!! 

Our photos for this collection will be exclusively published in an editorial by Art Katalyst Magazine this mid month of August, you will be able to purchase an online digital copy or physical print mailed to your home! There will also be a secret special short film that showcases this new collection and involves a story about friendship. This film will be shared on Art Katalyst Magazine facebook page the the same date of our editorial publication issue release. We dedicate this secret project to you, our very cherished fans. Thank you all so much for the love and support, and we will continue to strive for our best in delivering to you the all thing magical and kawaii. <3
We will make an official announcement for both La Beaute D'un Reve's store launch, and official magazine publication drawing closer to the actual day =^_^=  Meanwhile, here are our contest rules. Please read carefully in order to be qualified to win!

We are having a Instagram #giveaway contest!!! A surprise pack will be given away to TWO of our lucky fans, *hint* the items will be from our Project Kawaii collection. You can submit additional entries by following the requirements below.

**For those who do not have an Instagram account: you may enter from facebook, but be sure to complete all three tasks.**

Here are the rules: 

1. You must follow us on IG @thebeautyofadream, or are already have been following us.
2. Repost any of our Project Kawaii behind the scenes photos here on IG, with the hash tag #projectkawaii
3. Take a photo of yourself or with a group of your friends and tag
@thebeautyofadream (so we can find you), and answer the question in the description box of your picture: "what is your first memory of friendship?"

Additional entries (Or for those who do not have Instagram):

1. You must "like" us on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/labeautedunreve), or have already liked us.
2. Share our fanpage
3. Tagging us in your photo with your friends or a selfie, answering the question in your description box of your photo "what is your first memory of friendship?"

You must complete all 3 tasks whether on Instagram or Facebook (this also applies for submitting additional entries) in order to be qualified for entry of our giveaway contest.

*Contest ends: September 30th Tuesday 2014*

Goodluck everyone!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Anime North 2014 with La Beauté D'un Rêve

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if you had the chance to participate this year that it was just as enjoyable for you =^_^= We had a wonderful time, it was great to see our customers from past conventions come by to say hello! Some very exciting news and projects have been under wraps in the haus of cute this summer, keep your eyes open for the month of August- we will be showcasing the big reveal!!!
Until next time,
Miss Veruca

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Manga 101: What Is Manga??

Hello everybody! Today we have some news for you all :) La Beaute D'un Reve will be selling at Anime North this sumer!!! *applauds* Further information will be revealed within the next following days, but we are excited to be here again to celebrate the world of Japan art and culture with you ^_^

A lot of fun and new designs are in the making at the moment, so we will be keeping you all up to date here on our blog as well as other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. If you haven't followed us on there yet, do so now! We often post live behind the scene exclusive shots from photo shoots, or talk and share about things that inspire us.

As for now, we present to you a new video that has recently been posted up by us! It is called: What is Manga??? =^_^= This is a 3 part video, and we have posted the first part for now. We hope you like it!!! ~<3

Keep your eyes peeled on us, we will be posting some previews on what you can expect from us this summer when visiting our booth! 

With Love,
 Miss Veruca

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Clothing from La Beaute D'un Reve in 2014

During the summer of 2013 we created a wonderful collection called: The Forgotten Fairytale.
It was very successful during our convention at Anime North, we managed to make 4 in time for the event on top of all the other skirts of other prints that weren't custom printed by us-and by the last day there was all but one skirt left! With the collection being a hit, we have carried on to create them in different colorways, both in fabric and print! The Forgotten Fairytale is now available in: Baby Blue, Lavendar, and Baby Pink. They are currently being sewn as you read this, and should be ready for the approaching summer. There has yet to be an update to see whether we will be able to attend Anime North, but if they don't select us this year- have no fear, these beautiful skirts will be available at our local comic store in Toronto called Horsemen Comics & Toys! We will be providing further updates as to what will be happening next, so subscribe to us here to be updated :)

Below are photos from The Forgotten Fairytale collection in the wonderful chocolate mint green version

Behold! Our newest skirts in pastel colorways. The image right below is in Lavender, with the rose printed in gold and framing the edges of the skirt hem and bow with white rose woven lace. We have still yet to knot some beautiful glass pearls, to add in the finishing touches of these bows. The backing for these bows will also have the option of hair clip and brooch for versatile styling!

 Here is an upclose look at our original fabric print, completely hand drawn and silk screened with love.

If you have any interest in making a pre order on this skirt with us, feel free to shoot us a message over at our etsy online store! https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/LaBeauteDunReve
We will be having a lot more fun and exciting news to share with you all, on the progress of our upcoming creations so stay in touch.

Yours truly,
Miss Veruca

Monday, April 14, 2014

La Beaute D'un Reve Editorial Photos

asda A few months back we have made the wonderful announcement that La Beaute D'un Reve's pixel accessories made it onto Space Channel TV as well as being featured on Missy Ink Magazine which were sold in Chapter's Bookstores all across Canada. We are now proud to show you the photos here in high resolution for those of you who missed out on the chance to purchase a copy of the magazine. We have also shared a video down below of the awesome segment featuring our talented friend and photographer Sarah Thompson who made all of this happen!

Photo taken by Sarah Thompson
Makeup and Hair by Lisa Tuff
Model Valeria Chidera Nweze

We once again would like to take a small moment in time to celebrate a great achievement for our growing brand, and will strive for more future accomplishments such as this :) Come and join our tea party, subscribe to become a member of our club! We look forward to having you here with us.
Yours Truly,
Miss Veruca
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