Monday, April 8, 2013

8-Bit Pixel Galore

La Beaute D'un Reve has come up with some new items which will soon be posted for sale in our online shop. Take a look below at a preview on some of the designs, from our latest photo shoot!

 Lovina Yavari wearing melting ice cream bear headbands, with matching bow clip and necklace.
 Danielle St-Laurent is looking very cute in cookie ear headbands with matching bow clips!
Fine Lines feeling shy with tear drop hair clip, honey yellow ear head band and matching bow tie.

Photography by Chris (Alto Venue)
Accessories by La Beaute D'un Reve
Let us know your thoughts! Aren't they adorable?
Stay tuned as there will be more photos, including a short mini feature video!

Miss Veruca Cyn

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