Friday, May 24, 2013

La Beaute D'un Reve will be at Anime North 2013!!!

This past few months have been the most hectic for us, as we have been working steadily to prepare for the annual biggest anime convention known as Anime North! Below is a sneak peek at what we will be selling in the dealers room :)

Ta da!!!~ :3 La Beaute D'un Reve presents to you: "The Forgotten Fairytale" Collection! Here is the description for it: " ~♡Hand knotted glass pearls strung on silk thread. Custom hand printed fabric, golden chocolate and mint combination, topped off with delicate lace♡~"

What do you think of it? We designed it keeping in mind for it to be soft and minimal enough to wear on a everyday basis, or if one wishes to- it can be paired with a colorful soft pastel top, many hair accessories and some fun tights. This elegant skirt is made out of lightweight broadcloth cotton, and is double layered to increase "poofiness" when the petticoat is worn underneath! Perfect for the upcoming summer weather ^_^

We later had the opportunity to fully complete the designs with hand knotted glass pearls, which are surprisingly much heavier in weight but a lot higher quality than plastic pearls ^_-
Traditional pearl jewelery would have individual knots made to space in between each bead, to prevent each pearl from rubbing against eachother and wearing down the quality. We wanted to bring this tradition into our collection to add that bit of personal added touch, and for anyone who gets their little paws on these pieces may feel exactly like a princess- wearing a design that has a lot of attention to quality and detail. All of the prints are hand drawn and hand printed from scratch, so there is a lot of love in this collection!

 We have finally had the opportunity to get our very own banner for tables at future conventions! It will now be very easy to spot us and find our booth whenever you're on the look out for something cute and unique :3
 Finally, for those of you who are going to be coming to Anime North this week- please feel free to drop by and say hello! ^_^ I would love to meet you! Here is where our booth will be located.
Some other additional new items that have been appearing in our shop are these fun 8bit inspired accessories! These below are bows that are turned into hairclips.
We have started to branch out into making some statement piece necklaces and cute alpaca nose necklaces as well!
 That is all for the update in what has been going on in our world, but stay tuned- in the next month or so we have some very exciting news and even a couple of videos to share with you all =^_^= But I won't ruin the surprise, keep your eyes peeled and see you at Anime North!!!

Yours truly,
Miss Veruca Cyn

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