Sunday, August 11, 2013

8 Bit Accessories: Team Cute

Hello everyone! 
We have very exciting news today in the world of La Beauté D'un Rêve =^_^=
Just recently Geek Girls has published a project that our team has worked so very hard on. New photos and a special video has been shared on their website, so please be sure to check it out here: Geek Girls: 8-bit Accesories

If you like what you see then stay tuned- because sometime next week we will be posting up "Behind The Scenes" photos and video on the making of team cute!

Thank you so much to our wonderful crew, and to all the fans out there who are following and supporting us at
La Beauté D'un Rêve <3

Our awesome team consists of photographer: Chris Chan of Alto Venue, Models Lovina Yavari, Danielle Saint-Laurent, Fine Lines. Cinematographer Jon Pinsan from Studio Parrot Works and assistant Anthony Phan. For links to their websites, please visit the Geek Girls link above!

Yours truly,

Miss Veruca

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