Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fan Expo 2013

Unfortunately this year of 2014 we were not able to attend either Comic Con nor Fan Expo as we were out of the country on vacation! But not to fear, we have some wonderful news (which you will be reading about in the next post) about where and when La Beaute D'un Reve has it's wonderful creations available for purchase!

The last three images down below were taken by photographer Paul Hillier who regularly attends conventions related to sci-fi and japan anime subjects, I was walking around that day and found some friends who were also attending there as sellers as well as con fans- and fun ensued. Thank you for the awesome pictures!


 Our next article will be about new products and updates that are happening with La Beaute D'un Reve, so stay in touch! Come and join our tea party, subscribe to us here to be informed on the lastest news of what our brand of cute is up to! 

Yours truly,
Miss Veruca

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