About Us

A love letter from La Beauté D'un Rêve to our members:

Our mission on this planet is to spread cuteness and kick some butt!


The meaning of La Beaut
é D'un Réve translates to 
"The Beauty Of A Dream".  I have chosen this name because of the feelings that often came to me whenever I indulged into the world of japanese street fashion. It was always very much a surreal experience and in a separate reality of it's own. To be surrounded in the world of cute fashion, really did feel like escaping the "mundane" reality and entering this fantasy land where everything is filled with delightfully sweet things.

 All of these feelings of overwhelming glee and cuteness collected, from the many different kinds of kawaii brands that are being offered- I wanted very much to give back the feelings they have shared with me all this time. I hope to be able to provide all of those wonderful emotions to you, and to be able to supply it all from one ultimate place. All within La Beauté D'un Rêve.

In this journey I am about to embark on, I wish for you to find yourself falling in love with kawaii fashion all over again. While I continue venturing down this path, with my best efforts- for you to fall in love even more so with my new found brand- La Beauté D'un Rêve.

From me to you,
Miss Veruca 

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