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If you have any questions or requests, please click here to visit La Beauté D'un Rêve on facebook to reach us. Thank you!


  1. Hello!

    I'm glad to have met you at AN! I really love your work.
    I commented on the donut necklace and bought one of your pokeball hairpins at Frostcon.

    I hope to see some donut hairpins or maybe foodpins in the future? Is there a way to commission one?

    Thank you,

    1. Hello Cune <3
      Thank you for visiting our table again! =^_^= I'm really happy to hear that you love the designs we make here. Definitely we can create a custom donut hairclip & pin. I can make more kinda of foodpins as well if you would like to have more than just donuts hehe

      I can make a custom listing on Etsy if you wish, for a donut hairpin. Let me know!


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